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Although I normally write about copyright and entertainment issues, as an avid gamer, I thought I would put my 2 cents about the new console war.  I read a lot of reports saying that Sony clearly won the battle of E3.  Why?  Because the PS4 will 1) not require an internet connection, 2) will allow the sale of used games and 3) cost $100 less than the XBOX One ($399 vs $499).  While these are all fine points, let me push back a little on the idea that these reasons alone will cause the PS4 to emerge victorious.

First, one change Sony made that got lost in the shuffle is that they will no longer allow free multiplayer.  Instead, consumers will now have to pay $50 a year for a subscription.  At least for the first year or so, because there will be so few games available for either system (neither are backwards compatible), gamers will be holding on to their XBOX 360’s and PS3’s to keep playing the games they love.  XBOX gamers who want to keep their 360 (to play Halo online) but also get the PS4 will end up paying $110 a year in subscription fees ($60 to Microsoft and $50 to Sony).  But if the 360 owner gets the XBOX One instead, he only pays the $60 fee.  So, for gamers who are keeping the 360 but getting the PS4, the net saving is only $50 in the first year. Continue reading

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